The has a gig hard drive in it. Must have your cable company provide you with their cable card. People who bought this also bought. Does such a thing exist and do you know where is can be obtained? It’s free and easy. Moe January 7, I just got the new box this morning from comcast..

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Motorola DCT3416 (160GB HD PVR)

Can you help me? This little hack is very safe and I absolutely love it. I need a booklet or owners guide to read.

Moe January 5, It’s free and easy Name required Email required Website Comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If yes, what cable connection I have to use and could I watch different channel on each one of the TV or I will see only motoroal show in the 2 TV.

Moe April 16, 3: You might want to revise your list. Can you direct me where I can see about having the unit repaired economically? Called Charter and got a new card within 2 hours and was watch cable in HD. See details for full description.


Sounds like, yet again, a media corp trying to strong arm customers into paying more for rentals. Any Condition Any Motogola.

Good box, just buy from a reputable source Considering these can be purchased directly from Motorola, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the majority of these boxes were not stolen. Considering these can be purchased directly from Motorola, I’m going to take a wild guess and say 316 the majority of these boxes were not stolen. Becky, it should be pretty intuitive to figure out how to set up recordings.

Motorola DCT HDTV Cable Box and HDTV DVR | Moe\’s Home Theater

It came with no directions!! Justin December 14, 8: Jim January 7, I set a record once yesterday for the period 12noon to 6 PM today for channel Becky May 17, 6: I have a dct and am trying to make the guide full screen without the black lines on both sides is it possible? Go to the bathroom or gab a snack whenever you want by using the pause, rewind, or fast-forward features motorkla live TV broadcasts.


You’d be surprised what an email to a superior will get done, by the way. motoeola

Moe January 7, Is there way to get just use the DVR to work without jump starting it with the cable? Like the old cable box page you may be wondering why I bother making a page about my cable box. I see that i have a message.

Worked like a charm Verified purchase: There was also a scheduled program that happened to start at Moe May 18, Is there somewhere to find the firmware upgrade?

Moe June 23, 9: Add a 30 second skip to your cable box. I have had no trouble with my setup and use.

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