You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Introduced in , the Ampeg SVT bass amp is still the reigning king of high-powered tube bass tone. The Apollo is all of these things and more. Zmuda January 27, No need for an extra monitor unit Its like UAD have taken the best of everything and put it in one box. Minus the tech fees, down time, and electricity bill! The Universal Audio Apollo is everything the buzz has promised – powerful processing, pristine audio, straight forward operation.

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While I have a Quad, I wanted more processing power. This piece of gear has revitalised everything in the studio.

Apollo Twin Mk II | Thunderbolt Audio Interface | Universal Audio

Seule ombre, les plugin non. The will impart punch, presence, and character as xpollo as its signature distortion overtones on drums, vocals, guitars, and bass.

If UA could solve this with updates the Apollo would be perfect. Again I am not sure if this is something to do more with my studio setup or not.


Marsh December 13, With this unit I am able to make better mixing decisions. Les convertisseurs sont excellents. It will refresh completely the way you listen and make music. The unit works seamlessly with the very popular “console” app provided. A must for sound engineers on the go. aopllo

Apollo Twin MkII

Where I go, they go. The fact that I can record direct with a plugin on it without latency thats revolutionary. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Get an apollo and a good AD-DA like lynx and you have 16 professional channels. I added the Apollo twin for 4 reasons. Anyone trying to avoid and issue like this should consider alternate options, all at the same price point: I have encountered some recurrent issues with taxing the FW bus, even after adjusting the bandwidth much lower.

Chanay December 12, For the first time, I find the DAW recording process flowing uninhibited from idea to execution. Motu are making solid products. I’m sure when I move to a Thunderbolt hard drive, or perhaps the card for the Apollo, this issue will evaporate.

Williams August 22, Of course, the heart of any audio interface is the quality of its conversion. Keldie June 12, But the Apollo just really opened up the top end, added an extra level or definition to the midrange for the first time my dynaudio BM5s are not sounding boxy in the mids!


The plug-ins sound amazing and work seamlessly.

UA Audio Interfaces

Very easy to use and the plugins are high quality too. I wanted UA quality, plug ins and processing on the road. Introduced inthe Ampeg SVT bass amp is still the reigning king of high-powered tube bass tone.

What can I say? I’ve, tried it in different outlets, different headphones 3 different but the scratch is still there when adjusting the volume knob.

UA is awsome and offered to fix the issue.

Impart your tracks with the iconic warmth and character of the classic hardware used to track everyone from Duke Ellington to Coldplay. I appreciate that but I just can’t ship my unit out and wait a week to get it back.