Below the curve are adjustment sliders for Brightness, Contrast, and Red, Green, and Blue color balance corrections. Some of the finer points when scanning are actually fun, like the manual focus. All scanning times were very fast, in the upper echelon of performance among scanners I’ve tested, regardless of price. It then becomes the central image, representing the current state of the correction, and you’re presented with a new range of alternative choices. Windows Me, Pentium 4 1.

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I did have to do a little research but it works fine on Debian Jessie Read full review Verified purchase: This is older generation of the DiMage scan Dual scanner. Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

The last step is to choose the scan resolution, by telling the scanner what you want to use the image for. This slows scanning somewhat because the scanner does a prescan to set exposure before the main scan.

I don’t have a quantitative test for maximum “scannable” film density, but the DSD-III did surprisingly well with the ultra-dense “Train” slides. Dimage Scan Dual Iii Utility At a setting of “High,” much more dust is removed, but tiny details in the images themselves could be lost. Loads any previously saved image correction settings files, and applies corrections to the selected image.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III AF-2840 Manuals

This is my favorite way to quickly deal with color casts and poor tonal rendition. If you decide you like one of the surrounding options better than the current selection, you choose that adjustment by simply clicking on the thumbnail image. Where Is The Emulsion The first step in Easy Scan is to select your film type.


Prescans the selected thumbnail image, creating a larger preview display in the preview area. This duall is easier to get a good deal as some didn’t know there is fix for win7.

An Undo button in the bottom right corner removes the most recent change. Here’s where you crop as well, or use auto-crop, which works quite well if you wish to use the entire frame of the picture.

Still, for novices, it’ll get you in the ballpark more times than not, and the excellent “variations” adjustment tool makes it easy for beginners to get decent-looking scans without having to take a course in color science first. Windows XP had no problems detecting the scanner and the drivers were installed without a hitch.

Although the difference in this example to the original is subtle, the custom presets can quickly rectify common problems such as colour casts or underexposed scenes.

In the past you had to chose from either a low resolution and inexpensive scanner or a high resolution and very expensive scanner. Three eyedropper tools let you set black, midtone, and white points by clicking on the eyedropper and then clicking on a specific portion of the image.

While I found Minolta’s Dust Brush domage feature somewhat less effective than Digital ICE in eliminating dust and emulsion defects, the overall package is really an astonishing bargain for a fast, capable film scanner.


Still, all other factors being equal, I’d pick a bit scanner over a bit one any day of the week. Djal it’s no problem if you don’t have USB 2.

Resets all image corrections to the default settings. APS adapter is an optional accessory 8- or bit digitization.

Job File Lists As it is, short of repeated trial and error, there’s no good way to tell the effect of adjustments you’re making on the final picture. Selective Color Adjustment This is a very powerful tool, hiding behind a deceptively simple interface.

Directly below the Tone Curves graph is the Histogram, which plots the tonal distribution of the image, from black point to white point. This desktop scanner comes with USB 2.

Set the degree of dust-removal processing via mnolta “Retouching Level” setting in the Preferences panel. If you’ve been holding off on that massive project to digitize all your family slides and negatives, the cost of the scanner needn’t hold you up any longer. All scanning times were very fast, in the upper echelon of performance among scanners I’ve tested, regardless of price.