Restart the X server if you do not know what this means, then reboot. June 13th, 8. No VRS found [ Wenn jemand die angepasste. If the camera works that way, there is a very good chance that it will work in the in stall.

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Sun Oct 25 Logitech Quickcam Notebook Pro 7.

Ronnie Barnes lazybug69 wrote on I’m quiet new to ubuntu and I don’t know where to start solving this problem. After first installation, I had to log out and log in again; before that, Skype found “no device available” for “webcam” Logitech Webcam C My Webcam Microsoft VX doesnt work.

Works fine out of the box Logitech Quickcam Chat for Skype 7. On livecam systems, it has been said one can make it work with Skype by using gstfakevideo. Camera mostly works, but non-accelerated X11 output currently doesn’t scale video output known Skype issue.

Skype for Linux- camera isn’t working

I was reluctant to upgrade my kernel because I feared side-effects. The Skype release notes state that only having a single XV port will cause video to be seen one way only no preview,with no Xv support you get nothing.


This was a false alarm. Lifecam VX no longer working Desktop mcirosoft Laptop?

Nir Misgav v-1000 wrote on Post as a guest Name. Sorry i hadn’t done so earlier. This driver supports many VAIO e. I ran up a new clean install on an HP machine I had in the corner and still no joy at all. This has been tested with ubunth old Logitech QuickCam Messenger, listed above as not working The gstreamer-properties test should show if your webcam works, more importantly it will show if your video driver has XV support.

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After first installation, I had to log out and log in again. Try to find the relevant line for your webcam.

SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

Works but without internal microphone. Logitech Webcam Pro for Business Close any such program and re-select the Skype video settings preview image before concluding that it doesn’t work.

I have linked the question to the bug-report now so future posts to either should go to al lthe relevant people. No issues compared to what was reported for 7. Cam Notebook Pro [] 7.


The command should be: Lifecam VX no longer working Ah, now that shows me an image. SATA link down 1. Start video app doesn’t matter which in microosft case Cheese.

Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0 [ 2. They did something like this with the 4. If it doesn’t work with the plugin “autodetect” in “Default output”, change it to “X Window System No Xv “, then try again.

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