Regards Dieter alias Fernando My current System: This is the user’s hardware listing copied from a pastebin lspci -nn Since January I am offering alternative nForce drivers and driverpacks, which are actual, but maybe better than NVIDIA’s official ones for details you may look here. Never happened on another disk and I have a number of other ext4 filesystems now. Unless that was a limit of the chroot, I don’t know. Everything I tried led me to bsod after rebooting on the completion of Installation. Once the OS is up, they should run the installer of the suitable nForce chipset driver package.

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Nevertheless cntroller developers of the driver integration method had to solve the above specified problem see point 3. Don’t enable any other tasks, unless you are already familiar with nLite and nearly sure, that the nLite CD will work with your system the more you are adding, tweaking or removing, the more difficult is the search for the reason, if the OS installion should fail.

All actual versions of nLite Since v1. Now as you can see it’s always a “timeout” exception. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the.


I’m leaving this message as it might help other users, or at least I hope so. Changed in linux Ubuntu: Regards Dieter alias Fernando. Check, if you have already running the latest nLite version. This could make it easier to find and diagnose since more people will be affected controllre a bug in ahci so it might be possible to find more bugs with the same symptoms and driver.

The source CD has to be absolutely “clean” untouched original. It is a good idea controllrr unplug all unnecessary external hardware devices during the installation of the OS with integrated nVRaid drivers.

Forum – NVIDIA: Integration of nForce AHCI/RAID Drivers into XP

You get a message like “The file NVxxx. Ran dpkg straigth for 5 hours with 2. Fernando My current System: I think it is exactly what is happening to me. Bug attachments dmesg 1 edit dmesg 2 edit dmesg 3 edit dmesg 4 edit smart. Either they do not work at all example: After having downloaded the suitable driverpack and unzipped it with a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip everything is prepared for the later integration procedure.

The safest and easiest way to get the problematic nForce textmode drivers properly installed control,er to integrate them by using a tool like nLite. Now you will get the following popup window: Run your just installed OS.



Get the actual nLite controllee from here and install it. The problem was solved by using the proper extractor to open them 7-zip on sourceforge. Fernando Show info Posts:. Ran 7 hours more on ext3 with 2. Since January I am offering alternative nForce drivers and driverpacks, which are actual, but maybe better than NVIDIA’s official ones for details you may look here.

nForce Driver

Here is the guide for the manual installation of the nForce Raidtool on the ncp67 of a post from nForcersHQ forums member TheMaxx As a point to note right now – may mean something or nothing. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Got it with 2. NONE of th buzybox commands worked for me. It is the better compression, which let me use the tool 7-Zip in the past, but I have already started to replace it conrtoller the more common tool WinRAR.

Now you can begin with the nLite processing: