The Custom Size screen appears. Select the 1st drawer. Do not place objects exceeding 2 kg on the platen glass. Touch a tab to display the corresponding screen. Touch to specify the desired zoom ratio. A screen appears, showing the available Zoom settings. As a substitute for Copy Protection Utility, on PageScope Web Connection which is installed standardly in multi-function printers, you can use the same function copy protection and registration of stamp information.

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Make copies using the desired Copy mode settings. Page Displays the number of pages in the original document.

Job name Displays the type source of the job. Slide the adjustable document guides to fit the size of the document. Be sure to adjust the document guides to the size of the document, otherwise the documents may not be fed in straight.

Moire patterns are the patterns that occasionally appear when images containing a repeating pat- tern or lines are copied. Page 48 If the remaining number of copies cannot be made with the current settings, touch [No].

Konica Minolta 8020 User Manual

The topmost page of the document is fed in and scanning begins. The entered zoom ratio is dis- played.


A sharp copy image is produced. You can download versatile utilities to scnaner device functions. The entered zoom ratio is stored. Centrally manages administrative operations of multiple devices. Scanning of the document begins.


The job is move from the Increase Priority list to the list of jobs to be printed, and the job is queued for printing. Touch a komica to display the corresponding screen.

Copying is performed in the order that the job was programmed. Increase Konkca Screen While the job is being printed, the number of pages remaining to be printed is counted down. Don’t have an account? Please select another Change Location. To specify Output settings Touch [Output].

Advanced Operations This volume includes descriptions on the Auxiliary functions in addition to precautions for the use of the copier. Page Paper capacity Double-sided 2 in 1 copies Select this setting to reduce four document pages to fit one double-sided scxnner page.

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Windows Server Support Information. Select the 1st drawer. Page 67 Load the envelopes with the shorter side as the leading edge and with the side to be printed on facing up, acanner shown in the illustration. Are you in United States? Page To specify a document size in inch measurements, touch [Inch], select the ap- propriate document size, and then touch [Enter]. To specify a document size in inch measurements, touch [Inch], select the ap- propriate document size, and then touch [Enter].


Practical Copy Examples Make sure that paper of the same size as the document is loaded into a paper drawer. Select the manual bypass tray.

Konica Minolta 8020 Basic Operations

Displays the number of pages in the original document. If standard-size paper is used, the paper length must be between mm and mm. The print job is queued for printing of the re- maining number of cop- ies.

Lift open the platen cover, or the duplexing document feeder if it is installed, and then remove the doc- ument. Change the setting in the same way that it would normally be set.