The Infoprint Color can be attached using a USB cable between the host and printer when using the following operating systems:. This mode overrides all other modes. The Coverage Estimator windows only is designed to give the user an approximation of percent coverage per color when printing a composite color document. This adapter is installed on the printer’s parallel port and receives its power through the parallel port. PCL emulation supports both scalable and bitmapped downloadable fonts. The Bar Code Card enables the printers to print a wide variety over 47 of the most popular industry standard bar codes.

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The customer is responsible for:. This is a printer based operation that is invoked from the configuration menu requires POR. The Bar Code Card enables the printers to print a wide variety over 47 of the most popular industry standard bar codes.

You can also help reduce installation costs by avoiding the expense of new Ethernet cabling. The Infoprint Color printable area is limited to within 4.

The printer uses its default x dpi resolution and 4 bits per dot pel to create a simulated dpi image. MarkVision Professional is a cross-platform print management solution that infporint IT administrators to proactively monitor and manage network devices in an enterprise environment via a web browser. It provides IT administrators with realtime device status and information, centralized device setup, remote printer monitoring and management, and asset management capabilities.


The estimates will be printed on the page. The printed percentages are not included in the estimate. The printer’s resident fonts include support for languages that use the following character sets:. Infopront ethernet port can be the standard port that comes on any network model, or an internal ethernet or external print server port.

This mode overrides all other modes. Printer drivers for these products have received certification under the following operating systems:. Typical indoor ranges are colorr and outdoor ranges are meters.

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Attachment cables are not provided with the printer and must be provided or purchased by the customer. With improved error codes and better data reporting, the printer is available more often when you need it.

The default setting is 4. The Infoprint Color printer delivers the functions needed to support small businesses and small workgroups.

IBM 39V, Toner Cartridge Magenta, Infoprint Color , Original

This is a printer operation that can be invoked from the Quality Menu. This IEEE cable allows the user to connect one laser printer to one host machine or external print server.

This powerful laser printer provides versatile, cost-effective support that is an excellent alternative to inkjet printing. Fast Ethernet is standard on all models. The estimation of coverage can be used to calculate an approximate cost of any given document if yield and coverage are assumed to be linear and inversely related.

IBM 39V0305, Toner Cartridge Yellow, Infoprint Color 1534, 1614, 1634- Original

The models are summarized in the following table:. The default is false. The Decryption Card enables the printer with a standard Ethernet connection to decrypt and print data that has been encrypted using the AES Rijndael encryption algorithm. Additional information is provided for a select group of infiprint user interventions via a “Show me” selection. Printers continuously operating cklor or near the maximum duty cycle may require service for replacement of these components to ensure high quality printing and good performance throughout the life of the printer.


The following sections highlight the approvals and certifications that printer is expected to receive.

In this feature, setting this option to TRUE has the effect of more faithfully representing fine detail in jobs, such as fine lines in CAD drawings. Custom drivers for Windows provide the most comprehensive set of printing features available for IBM products. The Bar Code card generates bar codes algorithmically. Reported values may vary from printer to printer.

Infoprint Color is compatible with applications running under the following operating systems for either local or network connections: This standard operates at speeds of up to 54 megabits per second Mbps. HomePrime is the legacy “Ready” state.