This is an optional operation! ZIP Logitech mouse driver V6. The Soundcard is the most difficult part. This is a driver specifically for graphics cards which use the Tseng Labs ET chip. If your soundcard company supports such a driver not everyone does! DOS Mouse drivers and tools.

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It allegedly works with most video cards. They are distributed only by request via e-mail.

Mar 2, Posts: Computer starts, but driver is not working properly. Thu Jun 07, 6: Utilities for DOS and Windows.

My destination task – get x resolution for Windows 98SE guest desktop. Dos under windows is different than booting to a stright DOS command geneeic.

Utilities for DOS and Windows

To solve this problem, download the driver listed below. Well, I usually would just boot to dos, except I’m running Win2k. Genneric VESA to work? On target PC – Copy debugger. Thu Jun 07, 3: How to use it: When you run a dos program under windows your not really running under dos.


BAT to run the device driver. EXEpcivka tool s and PCI devices list place them in one directory overwriting existing version of pcidevs.

SciTech Display Doctor is the program you want. ZIP reads and writes 1: Normally, it shows you the right paramters of your sound card when you run it. It’s used to compress and uncompress genedic. ZIP Installs an 8×14 font because many graphics cards vendors removed this font from their products for some time and a lot of software relies an that font.

For this purpose third-party libraries can be used.

VOGONS • View topic – Are there any generic VESA drivers for dos/win xp?

If a better driver cannot be found or fails to load, Xorg will fall back to vesa. These “safe mode” display resolutions were a fallback if no video driver specific for the system video adapter was installed.

Cannot set any resolution higher than x ZIP Mouse Reset; can help when the mousepointer hangs. If your soundcard company supports such a driver not everyone does! Riso Ars Praefectus Registered: When it runs, logging is made to c: Oct 29, Posts: No tech support is available for other programs. The VESA standard includes both support for xx graphics mode 0x and for xx graphics mode 0x Never failed me when i needed it.


Carte Primus

Update your BIOS with latest version or patch it. Vesa support really isn’t of much use anymore. This is a shareware program located on the SimTel server.