Attributes which are text fields are displayed as value. Disables unixODBC statistics, which use system semaphores to keep track of used handles. Salesforce emails the security token to the email address associated with your Salesforce user account. If you are not root , these tasks will have to be done manually later. For more information about security tokens, see Token.

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Note that you cannot license Easysoft products until either of the following is true:. Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major version number installing software with a different major version number requires a new Easysoft license.

For example, the following connection string connects salezforce a Salesforce instance that requires the user to supply a security token. What is online and off line licensing? This installation needs a location for the installed files. If a you already have a sample data source created by a previous Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver installation, the existing data source will be displayed and you have the option to replace it.

To avoid a system restart, choose Automatically close applications and attempt to restart them after setup is complete. If you are upgrading, you will need a new license from Easysoft. Easysoft recommend you install all components as the root user.


File names may have this format:. Confirm your acceptance of the license agreement by typing “yes” or “no”. Why do not my PHP scripts appear to run on the web salescorce Also, if you are not the root user, it may not be possible for the installation to: Installation Unpacking the Distribution The distribution for Unix platforms is a tar file.

An alternative is to rename the specified directory. To configure a Salesforce data source, in your odbc. There are two kimited outcomes here:. Applications – UniData Why do I get error “libodbc. If your proxy server has authentication enabled, use this attribute to supply a user name that can connect to the proxy server.

If you are upgrading, you will need a new license from Easysoft to use the new driver. How do I transfer a license? Why am I refused a trial license with a message saying a license has already been provided for this machine?

Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver User’s Guide – Configuration

For example, a version of unixODBC installed by another Easysoft product, a version obtained from your operating system easysotf or one that you built yourself.

This is because on some platforms, files in use cannot be replaced. For details of the attributes that can be set on this dialog box, see Attribute Fields. If there are alternative responses, these will be shown in round brackets; to choose one of these, type the response and press Enter. We build on as old a version of the operating system as we can for forward compatibility. This method always works and overrides the second method, described below. You will then be asked to specify how you want to obtain the license.


Salesforce ODBC Driver – Visual Studio Marketplace

You can locate this file with odbcinst -j. If your Bourne shell is eastsoft located there, you may need to edit the first line of the installation script. What is a license key? No other data is sent.

Easysoft ODBC-Salesforce Driver User’s Guide – Installation

Why can’t I connect to the License Daemon? If a file cannot be updated, you will see a warning during the installation. For more information, see Dynamic Linker.