The discoloration I was able to fix only in x doing the following: Ethernet connected via a USB hub not strictly needed, but convenient. And all computer controllable! Post by Berni 1. Sadly, a few months ago that old PC gave up. Hope that info helps you in the mean time, And good luck:

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Do you have any idea on that? Now network and streaming was needed! Jean Delvare Thanks in advance for your help! They definitely seem to be far more committed than previously.

Configuring TV out

Tell your your X-server to leave some video memory free for the video overlay. Do I have to use lknux from the sysfs-interface-doc here? Your framebuffer shoul be set up with x resolution. The resistor, with some tape and wire. Matrox cards have arguably the best quality TV out.

– What do you want to tinker with today?

Navigation Main Page Recent changes Random page. I am running Big Desktop at x with my 24inch and 19 inch monitors using the 8. To change the color depth for Voodoo3 there’s only 16 and 24bit for TV-Out-Mode, other would have 32bit here, too.


The discoloration I was able to fix only in x doing the following:. This gives them no time to devote to their video line.

I think I could manage to change almost everything according to the guide and other ported files but there where 2 points where I ran 1. I know the TV is capable of i so I spent some time reading up about how Nvidia’s drivers use the xorg. I would definitely go Nvidia.

Is this for a desktop machine or a laptop? What I’d like are recommendations for a video card which will work in Big Desktop mode, split over two monitors.

I have no problem running compiz even though it is not using dri yet. Loading can be tied to the video device by using a ‘below’ and ‘above’ statement. It’s a standard RS serial interface, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it up and running.

Post by Berni 2. Here is some info rated on your 3dfx voodoo 3 card Activating the TV-out Most of the information in this section came from http: Note that you probably will have to drill a hole where the ground screw once sat to get the connector trough the hole. Picture on your X and TV simultaneously. In common with many cards the TV-out is activated automatically when the PC boots, but loses sync when you change mode eg by starting X. By the end of the summer I excpect that the ATI poprietary drivers will at the least match Nvidia’s if not outperform them and their support of the open source driver community will make all that even better.


And you’ll have to re-run the commands to configure the kernel modules after X has been started. It appears that the beagleboard’s USB is a tad bit unstable.

Instructions for modifying the Icom PCR-100 with a Discriminator Tap

Nvidia is the way bt86 go in Linux. And all computer controllable! At some point I got distracted and failed to commit my changes to cvs. It’s a done deal. I found the explaination after some more googling. The act of removing Windows from your computer in disgust, usually followed by the installation of Linux or some other Unix-like operating system.