When I changed back to v Zod Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Tribus: Your new configuration is already fine, but it may be even better, if you would replace the Intel RST driver v Regards Dieter alias Fernando. In any case you seem to have finished the updates successfully. Any idea how to get those AHCI chipset drivers to installed successfully?

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sivsoft’s notes: Enabling AHCI on Asus P5Q-E motherboard after installing Windows XP (ICH10/P45)

Asus P5Q deluxe Tue Feb 03, 4: After having finished the driver installation the new driver will be active after the next rebootchose ahcu offered “Reboot” option. A quick tip helped me avoid that “unknown error” and get the Intel chipset drivers installed. Please enter a reason for warning. Yet it could not update.

I don’t see that as “screwing around”. I have updated my bios and drivers and it appears to have gone well.

I made no changes to make it do that. Have I got the best solution or should I get the v I’ve got a lot invested in this install, and it’s only a few months old, so I’m reluctant to do that yet. There is something missing in that screenshot, everytime I go to the disk manger it asks me if I want to initialize the phantom disk.


If you want to avoid a fresh XP installation, I recommend to do the following: Congrats to the Winners!

I guess it depends on which chips I have on the P5Q deluxe and what functions they perform which determines which drivers I need. You fixed a “rock stable for months” PC and now it’s broke. Mon Mar 26, 7: Topic settings Print view. In any case you seem to have finished the updates successfully. Sun Sep 13, 9: And it showed failed attempts I can’t remember in which menu during waking hours, while I was not even near the PC.

Asus P5Q-E Hardware User Manual: Ahci Configuration

ahdi May 14, at Please enter a reason for warning. Cancel Safe Mode booting with the command: Oh, and while I’m at it, would someone please be kind enough to describe the sequence of symptoms for when one of those EVO SSDs is failing. I’m being serious here.

I believed that because the drive would only intermittently appear during drive enumeration. Unzip the files onto a floppy drive. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor.


Forum – Specific: Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers ยป Asus P5Q deluxe

Basically you have to start in safe mode and let it install the driver to support it. Have you looked into the “Properties” of the Disk 4? Had a search but couldn’t find anything definitive: Check you RAM is properly seated. AS aasus the update process, I don’t agree.

Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: When I pressed the reset button, the machine powered down and booted to the desktop, then promptly appeared to shut itself zhci. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

I wouldn’t do it until you know the motherboard is working right.