Amperor plans on adding more products and knowledge based articles on AmperorDirect. We have product evaluation samples in stock and ready to ship from our Houston office. Tell us the requirements and we can get it done. Working in close partnership with industry leaders like HP, Cisco, Avocent, Siemens, Lexmark, and others, we have developed the technology and products that support a board range of requirements in the data processing, LED, networking, telecom, instrumentation, and computer industries. LED application providers can concentrate on lightening up the dark and building eye-catching signs, while Amperor’s solutions will help them with issues such as LED brightness enhancement, operation in wet or hot locations, and easy installation. We believe this growth is result of the quality products we manufacture and the quality service we provide. If you have these questions in mind, you need to take a look at Amperor’s LED power supplies.

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Why is the cost to repair my malfunctioning LED power supply actually les than the savings provided by the more energy efficient LED lights? The number of the LED strings placed in the parallel connection is used to calculate the required power level for the whole setup.

Amperor LED Driver Selection Guide

This support includes design support as well as local hub warehousing capabilities to support JIT requirements. Below are some simple rules to consider:. During this period, Amperor has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power related products. As a professional LED driver provider, we can help you decide how these LEDs can be connected to the driver in order to ensure an evenly brightness output across the system and an acceptable reaction to the fault condition.


Cannot find what you need? You can consider a custom design.

LED Drivers and LED Power Supplies

Does the LED driver need to be convectionally cooled? UL for the signage industry and UL for the lighting industry.

Internet Aamperor Sales Website: So please think of Amperor for all of your LED lighting applications including sign illumination, channel letters, backlighting, security pathway lighting, architectural, step and border lighting, as well as stage, theatre and commercial LED displays. Amperor plans on adding more products and knowledge based articles on AmperorDirect. While striving to become both the LED power supply product and knowledge leader, Amperor is committed to xmperor clean and safe power to LED industry.

In addition, Amperor has developed a network of manufacturer’s representatives to assist in local support of our customers throughout the world, including Norcomp in the SF Bay area. What are the environmental factors?

Internet Retail Sales Website: Internet Retail Sales Website: Below are some questions to help you select the ideal power supply for your LED applications. Through the website, Amperor is committed to help LED sign and illumination builders improve their LED light displays, and to simplify their power architecture. The services provided by the website is intended for your reference only. Adjustable Output V Options.


Disclaimers of Warranties 1. Some companies that assemble their own LED modules in-house are using the higher voltage output options, such as the 36V or the 48V, so that they can mount as many LEDs as they can to one string as possible.

Two Class 2 Output Channels.

LED driver and LED power supply

Open Frame Power Supplies. You must first select an LED module in order to determine whether you need to use a constant voltage lee a constant current driver.

Below are some simple rules to consider: This makes it possible to use the constant voltage driver in the LED application. We have worked closely with the engineers in the LED lighting industry to develop products free amperro these pitfalls. However there are semi-assembled LED modules, which contain several LEDs and an on-board constant current source, available on the market.

What is the required operation temperature of the LED application? The website does not warrant the following: Low Power Loss Small Footprint. Internet Retail Sales Website: We have product evaluation samples in stock and ready to ship from our Houston office.